About Us



We at KAMAKSHI are committed in presenting genuine quality handloom/handwoven/handcrafted sarees via e-commerce platform to you. Origin of handloom sarees dates back to the Indus valley civilization. As a symbol of age-old Indian civilization, the trade of ancient craft is preserved and upheld in the purest form by India. Comfort, durability, affordability, exclusive motifs and intricate detailing all can be found in our ‘pride’. 

Handlooms are more sustainable and use minimal electricity as they are woven by hand on a manually operated loom thus significantly help to reduce global warming. The handloom industry too involves a community that has been practising an artisanal skill or techniques for generations. By supporting the handloom industry, we are doing our bit in preserving the traditional method of weaving and also supporting an artisanal community.

Founded in 2021, by Nivashini, a handloom saree lover herself. Background in IT, a homemaker by choice. Her passion for saree especially handloom inspired her to initiate KAMAKSHI. Nothing but quality and customer satisfaction is her priority. Each and every saree is mindfully handpicked to reflect the personal choice and taste of the founder. Our sarees are sourced from all parts of India and we deliver it right to your doorstep. 

Welcome to KAMAKSHI and let's revive handloom together!